Mark Hauenstein is an interactive designer and artist with a strong interest in the space that opens up between physical and mediated reality.

Mark's work usually attempts to interweave physical environments and artefacts with digital programs, an approach that often follows a recursive concept of turning the perceiver into the perceived.
Mark's creative process aspires to the symbiosis of craft and concept where playful, iterative and hands-on tinkering with tools and technologies go hand in hand with socio-cultural and historic observations of how we humans interact with each other, with our environment and with the artefacts and tools that we create.

Mark exhibited his personal works internationally including the Japan Media Arts Festival in Tokyo and the ICANN / Centre Pompidou in Paris. His work has also been featured in magazines like Axis (Japan), PAGE (Germany) and Desktop: (Australia) and more prominently in books on interactive design like "Digital By Design" and "IdN Special04: The Art of Experimental Interaction Design".

Mark currently lives and works in London where he heads the Research & Development department of interactive design agency AllofUs. The primary focus of his work at AllofUs is the exploration of new creative and technological opportunities in the interactive field. As part of the AllofUs team Mark has created award winning works for a wide range of clients including cultural institutions like the National History Museum and the NHS and corporate clients like Microsoft, Nike or Nokia.
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