We proposed an audio comments box (ACB). The system is comprised of a simple recording device which enables the users of the bus network to leave suggestsions, feedback, public information. In turn this is linked with the local area newspaper where the comments are published as an ACB community column.

The system has the following benefits:

- Enable local passengers to voice their concerns and suggestions.
- Events of local interest can be announced.
- Tourists can give feedback on their experience of the area.
- Service providers can adapt their services according to user feedback.
- The integration with the press raises awareness of the public transport system.
- The audio format is easy to use whilst bus is in motion.
- Adds to existing verbal communication on the bus.
- Scalable. Easy to expand/extend.
- Primary trials can be low-tech, using existing recording technology to limit initial expense.

The system is monitored by the driver during travel to prevent vandalism and by the columnist before publication to prevent abuse. The recording proceedure would be a imple record/review once mechanism. This would serve to allow people to check the message that they had just recorded but not browse existing messages on the system. This would limit the impact of abusive messages.

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