I implemented a multiple projection system for the recent refurbishment of the RCA Artbar which was designed by Phil Worthington and Eyal Burstein. The basic idea is to create different moods and atmospheres in the bar by using multiple video projections as light sources.

Up to ten video clips can be mixed accross the five projections using a simple touchscreen interface. Individual clips can be routed to single screens or they can be stretched over multiple screens. The colour and aspect ratio of each projection can also be set individually.

The system is open in terms of footage that can be played back. Organizers of events in the bar are encouraged to bring their own video and image material which can be instantly loaded and played from the DVD drive. Alternatively standard DVDs or live video can be fed into the system.

On the physical side 5 wide screen lcd projectors are mounted right underneath the ceiling. Mirrors redirect the projections so that they hit the wall on a very sharp angle. A custom made software re-distorts the images to its original proportions. The advantage of the setup is that people can sit close to the wall without interfering with the projections. As such the projections become a much more integral part of the architecture. Dependent on the played footage the projections can also act as "windows to other imaginary worlds".