14.10.2005 | d&d arts limited - dublanc studio website launched
I designed and coded a simple portfolio website for london based architect Carlos Dublanc. The design is simple and functional keeping the feel of the site close to Carlos' architectural style.
  10.10.2005 | RCA Artbar Video Projection System
For the recent refurbishment of the RCA Artbar I programmed a multiple video projection system. A simple touchscreen interface allows to play and mix individual movie clips on 5 projectors. Alternatively you can strech single movie clips over several projections. RCA students are encouraged to bring their own image or video works which can be instantly loaded into the system and played back. More
  21.09.2005 | Pancam in AXIS magazine
There is going to be a little feature on Pancam in japanese design and lifestyle magazine AXIS, vol. 118.
  24.06.2005 | RCA: The Show Two
Pancam, OiTV and AudioShaker are on show at the RCA. The response on the exhibits was great. Nevermind the (negative) gossips revolving around the MA Interaction Design course our show rocks! The Show Two is still on until 3 Juli.
  07.03.2005 | MA Interaction Design Interim Show: Work In Progress
On show at my Interim Show:
PanVision, a new way of taking very long panoramic images with a standard DV camera and
Sound Fountain, a sound installation that reflects the atmosphere of a space by capturing and replaying its sound in a poetic way. The exhibition is still on until 11 March.
  30.11.2004 | NEXT 2004
Tom and I are showing the Audioshaker at NXT2004 (in Copenhagen, Denmark) a conference / event revolving around innovation, technology and design.
  10.09.2004 | IdN Special 04 - The Art of Experimental Interaction Design
IdN just published the book "The Art of Experimental Interaction Design" which features the Audioshaker.